Kamis, 13 November 2008


Now, I want to talk about Mie Sedap. This product is produced by Wings Food. Mie Sedap has 5 flavors. Mie Sedap Goreng flavor, Mie Sedap Soto flavor, Mie Sedap Ayam bawang flavor, Mie Sedap Kare flavor, and Mie Sedap Soto Koya flavor. From the packaging and the advertisement of Mie Sedap, the target market of Mie Sedap is all the people in Indonesia, because Mie Sedap can be consumed to all the people, who have a high income or low income. Mie Sedap also can be consumed to child because Mie Sedap has 7 vitamins.
Many consumers of Mie Sedap think that Mie Sedap more delicious and cheaper than other instant noodle. If we look the price of Mie Sedap, the price is Rp 1.200,00, it’s more cheaper Rp 100,00 than Indomie and Sarimi. Mie Sedap also can be founded in every Kiosk, and every store in Indonesia. So, consumer can buy this product anywhere.
I think the packaging and advertisement of Mie Sedap are suitable with their target market, because Mie Sedap has many consumers. We can see from the factory in Gresik, PT Sayap Mas Utama produce more than 10.000 boxes every day. This fact is proving that Mie Sedap is accepted by consumers. I have a suggestion for Wings Food; Wings Food should more focus in their promotion of Mie Sedap, because if they have a good promotion, the product will be more successful in the market.

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